Denver, Colorado Adoption Attorney

Denver, Colorado Adoption Attorney

Adoption makes the adopting parent a legal parent under Colorado law, with all the rights and responsibilities that go along with being a legal parent to a child. For instance, the child will be recognized as a legal heir of, with the right to inherit from, both parents. If the couple separates, both parents will have equal rights under Colorado laws dealing with the allocation of parental responsibilities (custody, decision-making for the child, and child support).

There are several types of adoption in Colorado.  Some of the most common are:

Step-parent Adoption Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

If you are in a Colorado civil union or are legally married, whether a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship, then you may be eligible to do a step-parent adoption of your partner or spouse’s child.  Step-parent adoptions do not require a home study, as do second parent adoptions.

Second Parent Adoption Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Second-parent adoption is a good option for couples, same-sex and opposite-sex, that are not married or in a civil union.  It allows an individual to petition the court to adopt the legal child of another adult who is the sole legal parent of the child. The sole legal parent must consent to the adoption by the other adult.  A home study is also required.

Custodial Adoption Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Custodial adoption is for clients that have legal custody or guardianship of the child and the child has lived with them for at least one year.

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Whether your situation is best suited for a step-parent, second parent, or custodial adoption depends on the specific facts.  I am well versed in these matters and can help you make that determination.  Call me at (303)-832-2599 for a consultation to determine the best course of action for your situation.